Amazing Features


In Lists, you’ll find a plethora of Xcode shortcuts to boost your productivity and increase your workflow. Also, you’ll find a UIKit Framework Reference tool which will allow you to look up various UIObjects and figure out how they work with live demos!

Developer Cheat Sheet for iOS


Developer Cheat Sheet for iOS has tons of tutorials in PDF format. Learn everything from the basics, like linking/importing a framework, to the more advanced stuff, like displaying a PDF or image animation. Most tutorials come with a sample project that you can download to further assist you!

properly size


Learn how to properly size and name your icon with iOS DCS’s Design tool. From retina icons and backgrounds to iPad/iPhone 5 icons and backgrounds, learn the proper naming and sizing conventions used for iOS Development!

a great app idea


Do you have a great app idea and want to make it come to life? Developer Cheat Sheet for iOS has a great collection of sample resources at your disposal. From PDF template to sample backgrounds/icons, to sample projects and more, you’re sure to make your idea a reality. Use the PDF templates to wireframe your app, use the sample backgrounds and icons as a base for your design, then use the sample projects to assist you in development. It couldn’t be easier!

new skills to the test


So you’ve gone through the app and want to put your new skills to the test… look no further! With the Practice tool you can refine your skills by practicing with any of our many quizzes. More quizzes will be added with each update.


Organize your app’s metadata with the Organize tool. Save and load various information on one of your apps. Metadata can include the title, price, category, keywords, and more! When you’re all done, email it to yourself, a client, or a colleague to show them what you’ve been working on!

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