The online code-co-authoring platform that positions itself as Facebook for IT professionals has recognized JavaScript as the most popular programming language.

The language in which Pinterest photo hosting, the online scheduler Trello, and many more landing pages are written, topped the ranking of 15 computer languages ​​presented by GitHub, the code in which received the largest number of pull requests (requests for changes).

the most popular programming language

The top rating is as follows:

  1. JavaScript
  2. Python
  3. Java
  4. Ruby
  5. PHP

The leader had 2.3 million requests. The second place in the list went to the Python language (1 million requests), the third line was taken by Java (986 thousand requests), and the fourth – Ruby (870 thousand requests). PHP closes the top five with 559 thousand pull requests.

Further downstream: C ++, CSS, C #, Go, C, TypeScript, Shell, Swift, Scala. At the very bottom is the Objective-C language, which for many years has been used to write programs for the iPhone and other iOS devices.

More about why PHP does not lose its popularity no matter how much time passes, we will talk in our article further.

PHP Popularity and Rating

Today Alek Serbul an expert in programming, shares his thoughts and experience with us. Also you can follow his Linkedin profile, where you can find a lot of useful materials and check his professional linkedin makeover, and on Alex’s Facebook page you can ask him any related question.

“PHP has no decent alternative in web development,” Alex said. Let’s find out why this is so.

The popularity and relevance of the language directly affects the job prospects of a specialist. To assess the popularity of PHP, use specialized ratings, study the number of vacancies in your city or region.

According to the TIOBE index, in June 2019, PHP was among the ten most popular programming languages. This language is in eighth place, ahead of Swift, Ruby, Objective-C.

Reference: TIOBE index is calculated by the number of search queries with the name of the language. That is, it reflects the interest of Internet users in specific programming languages.

In the annual ranking of GitHub, PHP ranks fifth. The frequency of use on GitHub is second only to JavaScript, Java and Python.

Help: The GitHub Octoverse rating takes into account how often GitHub users use languages. Thus, it reflects the relevance of a particular language in the developer community.

programming languages

PHP application area

PHP is a general-purpose language. However, this language is primarily used for developing web applications. This is the server language, that is, it runs on the server. Programs written in PHP receive data from site users, process it, interact with databases, and return processed information to the site.

Help: First, the acronym PHP stood for Personal Home Page. This reflects the main purpose of the language – the creation of web pages.

Popular content management systems (CMS) are written in PHP, for example, WordPress, Joomla !, Drupal. On WordPress alone, about a third of all sites on the Internet are written. This confirms the relevance and popularity of PHP. Popular language frameworks for creating websites, for example, Laravel, Yii2, Symfony, are written in this language. Finally, such large-scale and popular projects as Facebook are also created in PHP.

Thus, PHP is an interpreted language with dynamic typing. It is mainly used for developing web applications. Popular engines for websites and frameworks are written in this language.

What will happen to PHP in the short and long term?

Nobody knows a reliable answer to this question, so you have to be content with assumptions and reasoning. As a guarantee of the relevance of this language, we can consider the fact that most sites work on it.

Note that according to W3Tech, in June 2019, 60% of all sites are powered by WordPress. Chatter Joomla! and Drupal is 5.1 and 3.3%, respectively. These CMS are written in PHP.

Important: the total market share of the three most popular engines is 70%. To it you can add less popular CMS written in PHP, as well as sites on frameworks, for example, Laravel or Yii2.

Content management systems are developing, sites running on them will not be massively shut down. Therefore, the demand for PHP in the foreseeable future will be high.

Thus, PHP is one of the most popular programming languages. Most popular CMSs are written in this language. In regions, PHP is one of the languages ​​that provides quick entry into the development area.