When I first wanted to make an iOS app, I had absolutely no development experience whatsoever. All I knew was some basic HTML and CSS, but that wouldn’t cut it if I wanted to make an app.

The first thing I did was search the web and try to find some good tutorials on beginning iOS development. I did find a few, but most were outdated and didn’t explain much.

At that point I thought I would check out the App Store to see if there were any apps that gathered a bunch of tutorials, but sadly the only application I found hadn’t been updated in months and was ugly and misinforming.

That is when it hit me; my first app would be a beginner’s guide to developing on iOS. The idea for Developer Cheat Sheet for iOS was born, and 7 months of learning programming, designing the interface, developing the application, and writing the content later, I was ready to hit the market.

On August 23rd, 2012, Developer Cheat Sheet for iOS was released to the public.