Back in August this year, Huawei demonstrated its response to U.S. sanctions in the form of a proprietary operating system HarmonyOS. Already now it is known that it will be supported by the whole list of devices: from smart home and TV sets to support from smartphones in the future. Now it has become known that the development of the Chinese may eventually begin a struggle for the palm tree championship with the market leaders – iOS and Android.

Thus, recent studies have shown that the market share of HarmonyOS by the end of next year may amount to as much as 2%. Yes, at first it may seem that this is a negligible value, but! First, 2% will make HarmonyOS the world’s fifth largest operating system, which even surpasses Linux. And secondly, at the same iOS with its third place actually only 13,87 % from the general market of operating systems. By the way, on the first place for today has settled down Android – working out Google has managed to overtake even Windows, having 39 % of the market against 35 % at Microsoft.

According to experts’ estimates, the share of HarmonyOS in China will reach 0.1% by the end of 2019 and will grow hundreds of times, reaching a value of 5% by the end of next year.

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